I really think the thing that makes me so passionate about design is the ability to create on a regular basis, and through that, help others.  As far as creating goes, I believe everyone has the innate desire to create. That desire might look like a novel for a writer, food for a chef, or even spreadsheets for an accountant, but whatever it is, it gives a sense of pride to take some responsibility for the outcome. 

Improving people’s lives makes design fulfilling long-term. When we are truly able to help our clients live happier, more comfortable and more efficient lives I feel the most successful. There is nothing like a client beaming from ear to ear after a presentation telling us we nailed it telling us that this is the space they’ve always imagined but couldn’t complete by themselves. Or maybe what’s even better is hearing how much they absolutely love to be home, hearing that they are excited to return after a day of running errands so that they can spend time with their loved one in a space that is all their own, that feels good, and that serves the right purpose.